Durobuild is a sister company of Duroplastic and specialise in light steel frame construction, Podhaus modular homes, fibre cement, polycarbonate multiwall and more. DUROplastic is a well established South African company that was founded in 1986 to supply composite materials to trade and industry.
The company now supplies a diverse range of products to the Built Enviroment, Retail Hardware Trade and other industries with a wide range of materials and products in the Sub-Saharan African region; with 4 branches nationwide including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and George.


We specialises in the following products and services:

- Light Steel Frame construction including:
- LSF rolling
- Kit Homes (Prefabricated homes)
- Pod homes (New design concept - more at www.podhaus.com)
- Multiwall Polycarbonate
- ACP (Aluminium Composite Panels)
- Fibre Cement (Shera)